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Start a House Cleaning Business For Maximum Profits and the Lifestyle You Are Dreaming of Having

House Cleaning Business Success ImageIf you’re visiting for the first time, let me introduce myself – I am a successful business builder who has started a house cleaning business on my own, built it up by having teams of cleaners doing the work for me and eventually sold the business for a nice profit. And that business is still doing very well today with the new owners.

In fact – they told me they specifically purchased my business because of the employee handbook, training manual and procedures I had in place.

And this is what I offer you – the ability to build a profitable business without high franchise fees that will allow you to have more time for yourself and even sell the business if that’s what you want to do.

How my Business-in-a-Box is Different

I’m sure with all the free information you can find on the Internet, you’re wondering what’s so special with my system! After all – it just takes a few chemicals and rags to go into the residential house cleaning business.

That’s true if you don’t mind working for a whole lot of “bosses” because that’s exactly what you will be doing. You see, if you’re not running a professional house cleaning business, everyone wants to tell you what to do and how to do it. You can’t make decent money that way.

And why would you want to? Don’t you want to be your own boss?

If you’re already an independent cleaner and you want more control of your business, then my house cleaning tips book is what you need.

But if you want it all, then you really should take a good look at my HCP Business-in-a-Box.

Note: This is the perfect business for people who love to clean, organize, and help people. Cleaning is hard work; you must do the cleaning yourself or hire people to do the work for you.

If you’re undecided about the cleaning industry, CLICK HERE for a free report to help you decide

Here’s what’s superior with my Business-in-a-Box system:

  • What Advertising Works and What Doesn’t
  • How to Set Your Price
  • List of Chemicals You Need and Why
  • Equipment List and How to Use Each One
  • How to Target The Customers That Are Right For Your Business
  • How to Conduct a Successful Phone Interview to Schedule an In-Home Estimate
  • Step-by-Step Instructions to Perform the In-Home Estimate and Win the Job
  • The Correct Way to Arrive at the Scheduled Cleaning Job
  • Step-by-Step Professional Cleaning Procedures BY ROOM
  • How to Use the Custom Business Forms
  • How to Hire and Manage Cleaning Employees
  • How to Keep Your Employees From Stealing Your Clients
  • Programs to Prevent Your Employees From Leaving Your Business
  • How to Prevent Employee Theft

The Top Paying Clients Have Specific Preferences

I show you where the best clients are in my house cleaning business training and how to service them properly. After all – it’s not worth your time to service a client who wants to pay the least amount of money. I know!! I cleaned for them just to get started!!

And you probably will too until you are confident to go after the clients who will pay.

Bidding House Cleaning Jobs ImageAnd you better know what you’re doing when you go in to bid these top paying clients or you won’t get another chance! I perfected the estimating and bidding process to land over 98% of the jobs I estimated.

Once you know my step-by-step process, you’ll quickly know if your prospect is worth your time or not and save you from taking on a “problem” client. And – you’ll also be able to determine what your prospect is thinking just half way through the estimating process. This is good to know in case you need to make any quick adjustments to your estimate interview.

Don’t Make This Crucial Mistake

Don’t get stuck with information from janitors and business professionals. If residential cleaning clients wanted a janitor, they’d hire one. And don’t get me started on the books written by business professionals who have never cleaned their own house, but want to tell you their plan for a house cleaning business start up!  You’ll not only find these on the Internet, but in your local book store.

Instead, Start Your House Cleaning Business the Right Way!

Start your house cleaning business with the detailed procedures and techniques you need for success, get rid of the customers who want you to do more than you bargained for, for less money and I will show you exactly how to create a successful house cleaning business.

And when you get this valuable information, you’ll have happy clients who will gladly pay what you charge, working smarter, not harder in your house cleaning business.


The Question is How Much Trial and Error and Misinformation Can You Really Afford?

Look at all of the things that can go wrong . . .

  • Dangerous Chemical Reactions that Leave you Dazed, Confused and Sick
  • What to Tell Your Best Client When You Realize You Lost Their Key
  • How to Avoid Denting a Customer’s Wall Using Common Equipment
  • The Wrong Hand Pad Used on Flooring that Permanently Scratches the Surfaces
  • Harmful Chemicals that Damage Furniture, Tile, Grout and Flooring
  • Clients Blaming You for Their Broken Items and Demanding Payment

My House Cleaning System Reveals Insider Secrets You’ll Want To Know Right Away

You’ll Discover . . .


Doesn’t this sound like good information you will need to start your house cleaning business? Why take the long road when the solution is right here in my Business-in-a-Box?

Here’s What’s Included in the

My Business-in-a-Box is exactly what I say it is! You will receive everything you need to not only research the competition in your city – I’ll also show you how to analyze what you found and identify how you can compete!

You receive the “how to” information in the eBook, worksheets to do the research and setup of your business, custom business forms for running your business, a website customized to your specifications, custom reports written by me to provide you with in-depth information on specific topics and how to market your website.

And – I was the first house cleaning professional to offer my 1 on 1 mentoring to help you successfully build and run your business! I still include my coaching with each purchase.

Start a House Cleaning Business Book

259 Page “How To” eBook

The House Cleaning Pro Business-In-A-Box System

How to Start a House Cleaning Business and grow it into a professional residential cleaning business you’ll truly be proud of. Organized into the sections you need to progress through while building your business.

Each chapter references the worksheets and forms you will use to define, start and grow your business for maximum profits.

Start with the “Getting Started Checklist.”

Cleaning Business Getting Started Checklist

Custom Business Forms

Your basic forms package has been designed to record valuable information for running your cleaning business which is in addition to the basic information you expect to find on your business forms:

  1. Service Agreement
  2. Invoice
  3. Work Order
  4. Time Sheet
  5. Checklists
  6. Mileage Record
  7. Flyer
  8. Referral Coupon

Flyers, Forms, Surveys, and Worksheets

Designed by the House Cleaning Pro to help you define, start and run your residential cleaning business.

  1. Ad Tracking Spreadsheet
  2. Advertising Research Worksheet
  3. Advertising Schedule in MS Word
  4. Advertising Schedule Spreadsheet
  5. Award Forms – 6 forms included
  6. Background Check – Long Form
  7. Background Check – Short Form
  8. Business Planning Cover Sheet
  9. Business Planning
  10. Business Entity Chart
  11. Calendar Form
  12. Certificate, Employee of the Month
  13. Competition Analysis Worksheet
  14. Competition Research Worksheet
  15. Customer Surveys – 3 Forms
  16. Employee Agreement
  17. Employee Application
  18. Employee Appraisal
  19. Employee Attendance
  20. Employee Emergency Form
  21. Employee Exit Interview
  22. Employee Handbook
  23. Employee Handbook Acknowledgement
  24. Employee Pay Record
  25. Employee Satisfaction Survey
  26. Fully Loaded – Flyer
  27. Get Started Checklist
  28. Goal Setting Worksheet
  29. Hourly Rate Worksheet
  30. Hourly Rate Spreadsheet
  31. Interview Questions
  32. JV Agreement
  33. JV Letter
  34. Mentoring Checklist
  35. Non-Discrimination Policy
  36. Offer Letter
  37. Press Release Form
  38. Prospect Questions
  39. Rate Increase Letter
  40. Reference Check
  41. Referral Forms – 6 Forms Included
  42. Reject Letter
  43. Sample Business Names Worksheet
  44. Service Agreement
  45. Sexual Harassment Policy
  46. Website Order Form
  47. 597 Business Letter Templates

Complete Instructions are Included for Making Changes to all the Editable Custom Forms

You Receive 6 Custom Business Forms

House Cleaning Business Forms

You Receive 6 Employee or Worker Award Forms

Start a House Cleaning Business Certificates Image

You Receive 6 Customer Referral Forms

Start a House Cleaning Business - Referral Image

You Receive 3 Customer Survey Forms

Start a House Cleaning Business Customer Survey Image

Additional Custom Reports

  1. Cleaning Essentials Without a Broom or a Dustpan
  2. Independent Contractors
  3. Proven Sales Strategies to Boost Your Sales
  4. How to Generate a Constant Flow of Referrals
  5. Chirpables – The Twitter Collection
  6. Tweet Tips for Your Business
  7. Understanding Facebook for Business
  8. Your Business Website and Why You Need it
  9. Classified Ads Template
  10. eMail Templates

Custom Reports to Start a Residential Cleaning Business

FREE Coaching

I will personally guide you, answer your questions, address your concerns and give you the encouragement you crave to succeed. This is not just “mentoring,” it’s hands-on, tell it like it is coaching from the Pro.

I wish I had someone to coach me when I started my business!

I had to use the old “trial and error” method. You won’t have to go through all that because you will have your reference manual (HCP) and me – ready to help you succeed.

FREE Custom Website

Your HCP Business-in-a-Box makes you eligible to order a website and have it customized at no cost to you. Even a small startup needs a website today.  You see, there are many ways to collect leads online and your website will do that for you, if it is designed correctly.

Your website is designed using the popular WordPress blogging platform, making it simple for future design upgrades and features.  But it gets better – we have selected a premium theme from StudioPress for additional design options using their Genesis platform.  This package is worth $99.95 when purchased separately.

Your website is ready to go to work for you with these added functions;

  1. Provide an “Instant Quote”
  2. Collect Leads
  3. Allows visitors to Book an Appointment while on your site
  4. Collects testimonials from your customers and rotates them on the home page

Submit your Website Order Form (included with your purchase) and we’ll customize the site for you.  Select one of seven color options:

House Cleaning Website from the House Cleaning Pro

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11 Bonus Items…

Bonus Item List

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House Cleaning Business Image

House Cleaning Pro

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P.S. Are you thinking you don’t need this much stuff? Think again – once you see how successful your home cleaning business will be, you’ll be glad you invested in the right house cleaning business information to manage your future!

And with your website built correctly – you’ll be attracting new prospects to your business 24/7/365! This can even be working for you while you “work” your way out of your full-time job.

P.P.S. Your Business-in-a-Box is a legal tax deduction to start a cleaning business.