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Cleaning Service Business
Do Your Research Before You Start a Cleaning Service Business

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Before you start a cleaning service business, you need to understand the industry before you decide to jump in. After all, not all cleaning businesses are the same and they do not attract the same type of workers. This is where many new business owners fail - by failing to plan, they immediately set themselves up for disaster.

With all the competition today, is it any wonder more and more businesses are failing? And they are not failing because they didn't have enough seed money; they are failing due to poor planning. Since the cleaning industry doesn't take a special education to get started, many people think all they need are a few rags and cleaning products and success will surely follow. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is why doing your research is so important to your success. In fact, if you do the research correctly, you can virtually guarantee your success. How is this possible? It's possible when you identify your target market, your competition and what could possible go wrong and have a plan to avoid or work through the obstacles.

Cleaning Service Business Image  Imagine starting your cleaning business and finding out later that you hate cleaning!

Cleaning Service Business Image  Imagine getting started and you can't find workers!

Cleaning Service Business Image  Imagine setting up your business and finding out there is no market for the way you have setup your business!

Are you taking care of the kids during the day? Then starting an office cleaning business working nights might be the best business for you to run. Are you good at managing people? Then plan on starting a cleaning business by hiring people to do the work for you. Just make sure you have a plan on how the work is to be done because retraining professional cleaners is usually required - not everyone defines "clean" the same. Would you like to work in nice homes during the day? Then starting a home cleaning business is just what you need.

Janitorial or commercial cleaning is usually done at night and on weekends. And finding qualified workers and have them show up for the jobs is not easy. Many people get tired of working nights, making this a difficult business to run. The good side of commercial cleaning is that the work is much easier because detailed cleaning is not usually required. Expect to work with large machines to clean and polish flooring.

If commercial cleaning does not sound ideal for you then a better choice would be house cleaning, window cleaning, computer cleaning, carpet cleaning and even dryer clean-outs.

Before you can start or expand, you need to know who your competition is. In your free time, go thru the Yellow Pages and local periodicals in your area and identify these companies. What can you find out about each of them? Call them and ask questions that a new customer would ask. Ask about their service and what they charge.

Keep in mind, no two cleaning companies are alike. While you're doing your research, write down your impressions of each; keep good detailed notes.

When you have completed this, do a review and write down your comments on each; what thoughts come to mind? Do you like their setup; do you get a good feeling about them; what is that feeling about? What were the negatives about them? What could any of them do better?

The next step is to identify your interests you discovered from your research and what you can you do better.

By doing your research and identifying your niche, you'll be on your way to a successful cleaning business that will stand out from your competition

Anne-Marie is The House Cleaning Pro

June 2005

You should have some idea on what type of cleaning business you want to start or expand into. Research into the different types of cleaning and determine what would be the best for you. Do you want to work days? Then janitorial and office cleaning may not be a good option as most of their customers are cleaned nights and weekends.

Cleaning Service Business - Anne-Marie Moore,

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This system is so valuable for residential cleaners. The forms alone are worth the total fee. Having the cleaning service-based forms as well as ready-made policies and procedures saved me so much time. Getting HCP's forms online was such a relief.

When I started my residential cleaning business in early January '08, I relied on higher education courses to jump-start sales, marketing, HR, business plan, advertising, ethical dilemmas, and networking to name just a few responsibilities. This e-book gave me several ideas which allowed me to tweak my marketing pitch and, within 2 weeks, I increased sales.

Her mentoring (included with purchase) has meant a great deal to me because she spent over 1 hour on the phone on a Sunday talking with me about current problems and resolutions. She reviewed my press release via email and gave me constructive feedback on how to improve my story.

I feel I wisely spent my money on sales-oriented products authored by an experienced residential cleaning guru. She knows how to increase sales and is diplomatic with client handling. I highly recommend her products.


Dee Strickland
A Zing Zap Cleaning Service
Minneola, FL

6 weeks ago I came from Russia and was desperate to make some money. I knew how to clean the house but I didn't know how to make income on it.

I was skeptical about making an investment in this system but now I'm glad I did. I started following everything that book says and now, (after only 4 weeks) I already have 11 clients that I charge $25-30/hr making total of $540 a week working only around 20 hours. And it doesn't seem to stop here! 

Sparkle Clean
Lawrence, KS


HCP has helped me with all my tough questions & been there for me whenever I got frustrated. She spent alot of time helping me to be more organized & dealing with problem clients & situations I didn’t have answers for.

Thanks so much! If anyone needs help with their house cleaning business you are the one they should go to for advice!
Doreen Gayer
Independent Cleaner
New Haven, CT


I purchased the business-in-a-box to help me advance in the house cleaning business. It has been a god send and I was very fortunate to have found it. It has saved me a lot of head aches and helped me gain some much needed knowledge about how to run a cleaning service. Personal mentoring is offered and there is a blog site I have access to, at all times. I never feel I am alone in this business . I always have some where to go for expert advice. I even recieved professional forms with this package. It has been worth every dime I spent. Thanks HCP.

Tonya of Stuart, FL

I must say, the book is great and real. You've written all my questions and there is the answer.

I'm so excited to go further. I've been working extremely hard already for the past four years.

Thanks for your system. I'm learning a lot! I would say it is the KEY TO SUCCESS!!!
Daisy Fresh
Madison, TN

I have read your book. It was great! It is just the information that anyone wanting to pursue any aspect of the cleaning profession should read before they ever venture out into the market place.

I am constantly frustrated when I have procured a contract to clean a facility only to find that the cleaners don't know what they are doing. They don't have procedures in place, etc., etc. All the things that I have been urging these people to do, you have put into your book.

Excellent Information!! I look forward to hearing more.
Thanks Again!

Business Services Consultant
London, Canada

My goal is to have 1 person hired by this summer and by the end of the year 2 people. My goal for next year is to not be cleaning houses any more but doing the business/running end. The HCP newsletters and the blog web site are a great tool to help me along my journey. I look forward to meeting other housecleaners and learning from them. Thank you for sharing your stories and letting us learn from you.
Pristine Dwellings
Washington State