House Cleaning Checklists

House Cleaning Business Checklist

Who They’re For:  Independent cleaners and businesses with workers

What They Do:  Provide quality, consistency and tracking

Why You Need Them:  In-Home estimates, service tracking, and startup/add-on service planning



Cleaning Customer Checklist – Leave Them a Reason to Call!
This is a list of your services used when you bid jobs.  You add the customer information and your quote and leave with the prospect or send it out when you do a phone quote. Add a special offer or referral reminder to the bottom of the form to generate add-on services.

Cleaning Service ChecklistDocument, Track, and Follow-Up
Your clients want to know what was cleaned on their scheduled appointment. Having a cleaning house checklist available not only makes sure you don’t forget anything, but it also satisfies the client “need to know.”  Add a special offer or referral reminder to the bottom of the form to generate add-on services.  This form provides you with a record of what was completed on the appointment and also provides a way for you to communicate with your client to document special issues that require a follow-up.  Also included is a short form version – print two on a page to save on ink and paper!

Cleaning Business Checklist – Track Your Planning Progress BONUS FORM!!
This general checklist contains all the tasks needed to start a house cleaning business.  It can also be used to grow your business when you add a new service.

These printable forms are completely customizable for your business and include instructions for use

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